Project Description

Assistance to The Centre for counselling and mental health Travnik

In January 2006, the organization “Keneth and Smith” (Netherlands) has built up a relaxation room (snüzl) for the Centre for counselling and mental health in Travnik.

The value of this project is about 100,000 KM.

Restoration of school in Vitovlje, Municipality of Travnik

In March and April 2006, the organization “Out of Area” from Amsterdam (Netherlands), has donated computer equipment to the school in Vitovlje (municipality of Travnik) in the amount of 10,000 KM. The school was restorated and main entrance was built.

The total value of restoration was approximately 40,000 KM.

Restoration of the Centre for children with special needs “Lotos” Zenica

In May 2006, “Kenneth and Smith” carried out the renovation and furnishing of premises of “Lotos” (Centre for children with special needs) in Zenica. All rooms have been renovated and equipped with furniture, toys and IT equipment (2 laptops).

The project value was 20,000 KM.

Kids Festival in Turbe, Municipality of Travnik

In June 2006, the organization “Bosnian Child Foundation” has organized “Kids Festival” in Turbe and over 1,000 children from the region of Central Bosnia was attended.

The project is value was about 20,000 KM.

Children of the social categories from Vitovlje visited Netherlands

In July 2006, through the organization “Europe Kinderhulp” from Amsterdam, 58 children from the social categories of Vitovlje visited Netherlands.

The value of this project was 41,180 KM.

Restoration of the House of Culture in Donja Gracanica, Municipality of Zenica

In October 2006, through the organization of “Bosnian Child Foundation” the House of Culture in Donja Gracanica (Zenica) was rebuilt.

The value of the works was 15,000 KM.

Donation to the hospital in Travnik and primary school in Guča Gora, Municipality of Travnik

In October 2006, the organization “Bosnian Child Foundation” has donated 10 modern hospital beds to the Travnik Cantonal Hospital in the amount of 3,800 KM. Also, IT equipment valued 10,000 KM was donated to primary school in Guča Gora.