Project Description

On 19th September 2014 in the village of Gradina was organized a ceremony of handover of the branch department of the primary school Karaula, the municipality of Travnik. The ceremony, organised for students, their parents, teachers, habitants of Gradina and representative of REZ Agency, was enhanced by the presence of Mr. Admir Hadžiemrić, the Mayor of the municipality of Travnik. Works for the school, amounting to approximately 20.000 KM were performed the Dutch veterans of “Stichting Veteranen Actief” foundation, who have been for eight years working renewals of district schools in the Central BiH through REZ Agency (Regional development agency from Zenica).

The restoration works were performed from 15th to 19th September 2014 and 15 Dutch volunteers have done a great job:

  • Worn-out joinery in two classrooms replaced by PVC joinery
  • All other windows and doors of the school painted
  • Old floor in classrooms replaced by the laminate
  • Interior walls whitewashed
  • Toilets the from basement relocated to storage rooms within the school
  • Facade painted

With a cheerful game and song of school students in Gradina, valuable gifts were exchanged. The director of the school Mrs. Sanela Kahrimanović presented an artistic painting to the Dutch veterans, who returned by worthwhile laptop.