Project Description

The branch department Biljevina of the primary school Abdulvehab Ilhamija (the municipality of Žepče), was restored in the period 21-25 September 2015 by the funds and the works of a group of 11 Dutch military veterans of “Veteranen Stichting Actief”. Students and their teachers now have better working conditions with new windows, floors, toilets and freshly painted classroom walls and facades.

That was the twelfth engagement of the Dutch veterans in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a school restoration works. As proposed by their partner organization of the Regional Development Agency for Central BiH – REZ Agency, the school of the areas affected by last year’s floods has been selected for the restoration.

Handover ceremony of the restored school was held on Friday, 25.09.2015 at the schoolyard of the school in Biljevina with presence of large number of happy students, their parents and many guests.