Project Description

Restoration of three local schools and creative workshop in the municipality of Busovača

In the beginning of 2008, REZ Agency has submitted 4 project proposals addressed to Dutch Foundation “Out of Area”. In April 2008, the Agency has received confirmation on approval for all proposals to be implemented by phases.

Implementation of the first phase began in May 2008 with the restoration of primary school in Kaćuni (municipality Busovača) by Dutch students-volunteers from the University of Breda. This reconstruction included interior or painting and decorating the walls of school classrooms and halls, the interior doors and adaptation of creative workshop for children. The second phase began in mid-May 2008 and included the restoration of local school “Lugovi”, municipality of Busovača. Restoration covered the interior works, painting, drawing the patterns on the walls and painting of joinery. The restoration was participated by 58 students- volunteers from the University of Utrecht.

The third phase began in June 2008 and restored was local school in Katići, municipality of Busovača. The students-volunteers from the Netherlands have participated. The fourth phase included creative workshops and work with children by 10 graduates from the Pedagogical Academy of Breda, who have carried out practical work of their graduate topic “Working with children in transitional countries”. The project estimated value was amounting to 50,000 KM.

Three-week vacation for children from the Central BiH Region in Netherlands

In May 2008, REZ Agency, in cooperation with the Dutch organization “Europekinderhulp” began preparation for 50 children who were supposed to go on three-week vacation in Netherlands. In July 2008 children from primary school Kaćuni went to Netherlands. Since the project involved a lot of work, REZ Agency in May begun to prepare the forms for each child, fills out applications for a visas, organizing transportation to the airport Mahovljani and coordinating flight with KLM airlines. Negotiations with the organization “Europakinderhulp” were made and they have agreed on financing the cost of passports and visas, in addition to payments for travel and vacation in Netherlands. Other activities and all preparations were made by employees of the REZ Agency. Therefore, the children spent three weeks in Netherlands during month of July 2008. The project estimated value was amounting to 41,180 KM.

Restoration of local school in Vukotići, Zenica

In February 2008, REZ Agency has submitted project proposals for restoration of the local schools to the Foundation “Stichting Veteranen Actief” from Netherlands. During March, on the occasion of the arrival of the delegation “Stichting Veteranen Actief, and in cooperation with the Municipal departments of education, a visit was paid the local schools of Zenica municipality. Visited were 7 local schools and the local school in Vukotići was selected, where the restoration was done during September 2008. The restoration project was involved 18 military war veterans from the Foundation “Stichting Veteranen Actief”. Veterans, using their own funds, performed one week long the following works: replacement of worn out window frames, repair the floor, repair of drain system, facade, painting classrooms and school playgrounds. The local school in Vukotići is currently attended by 36 pupils, and the value of the project was estimated to 30,000 KM.