Project Description

The practical part of the project “Support to Adult Education – Strengthening and developing the capacity of training providers“, as the implementation of a new training programme developed under the project.

Achieved results

  1. Implemented training program “How to Optimise Your Small Farm” aimed to strengthen the rural households, the development of family businesses, growth and development of rural areas with the creation of a healthy environment and improving the living conditions of the rural population.
  2. Three-day training was held for members of registered agricultural households from Donji Vakuf who want to expand their business, and organized in the period from 15. to 17. September 2015. Two days of theoretical training was held in the motel “Otoka”, Donji Vakuf, and one day of practical training was organized on an experimental farm in Gornji Pervan, near Banja Luka.
  3. Total of 18 participants completed the training.
  4. Printed and distributed manual “How to Optimise Your Small Farm”.
  5. The manual made available to the network of training providers.

Download the manual (PDF):
How to Optimise Your Small Farm 1