Project Description

How to Optimise Your Small Farm 1

How to Optimise Your Small Farm – From idea to well-established business


Within the programme “Support to adult education”
August 2015

Format A4, PDF, 1.9 MB

The objectives of the programme are to strengthen rural households, development of family business and grow and development of rural areas through creating a healthy environment and to improve the living conditions of the rural population. This can mean creating a new tourism offer in the framework of the rural tourism, producing and processing food (or adding new value to better living conditions for rural households), increasing market chances, developing links producer-market, survival and growth, developing new forms of cooperation, improved overall offer.

The idea is that members of agricultural holdings, especially the young and the unemployed, are motivated to start their own business because the own business represents the future of entrepreneurship in BiH and the wider region, as it is the case with all former socialism countries. A new approach to the economy and employment is neglected in formal education, so the informal education is an ideal opportunity to supplement the formal education. The training for which this handbook is designed is motivational, with the introduction of various interactive and stimulating life and work experiences. It is tailored to people with different formal education. The content is attempt to influence to the way of thinking of agricultural holdings members that, if they prior to the training had an idea of how to optimize their farms, they persist and try to realize it, or if they have decided on some changes, or – if they had no idea, to be able to create it.