Project Description

Restoration of a branch school Čelikovina, Municipality of Kakanj

From 26th September to 2nd October 2010, the volunteers of Dutch veterans’ “Stichting Vetaranen Actif” performed restoration of branch school ” Čelikovina” in the municipality of Kakanj. The following works were completed:

  • partial roof repair
  • replacement of worn wooden joinery
  • painting of all joinery
  • replacement of school’s main entrance door
  • painting of school’s premises
  • construction of two chimneys
  • painting the facade
  • planning schoolyard.

The total project value is approximately 20.000 KM

The second phase of the reconstruction of school in Goleš, Municipality of Travnik

In October 2010, a group of 20 members of the Veterans Eindhoven Institute from the Netherlands visited a school in Goleš (Municipality of Travnik) where the second phase of the reconstruction of this school was carried out. In the second phase, the following works were performed:

  • complete renovation of the toilet
  • entrance door replacement
  • painting all school rooms
  • replacement / painting of entrance doors in classrooms
  • radiators painting
  • replacement of worn floor covers
  • various modern didactic aids and shelves were donated, and gifts were prepared for the pupils.

At the primary school in Goleš, classes are currently attended by 36 pupils.

The total value of the project is approximately 30.000 KM.

Restoration of the local school Moševac, Municipality of Maglaj

During the month of May 2010, the organization of Dutch veterans “Stichting Vetaranen Actif” has made the restoration of the local primary school “Moševac” in Moševcu (Maglaj municipality), which is department of the “First primary school Maglaj” from Maglaj. Completed are the following works:

  • replacement of school’s main entrance
  • replacement of two glass partitions by the partitions of PVC
  • repairing and painting of interior joinery and replacing worn out doors
  • painting and varnishing all the rooms in the school
  • replacement of electrical installation (neon tubes, switches, sockets, fuses)
  • painting the school’s facade and
  • equipping the play room for children attending the first grade of nine-year educational system
  • 76 pupils attend the local school in Moševac.

The total project value is approximately 20,000 KM.