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Socio-economic analysis of the region Central BiH 2011 1

Socio-economic analysis of the region Central BiH 2011


For updating the document “Regional strategy for economic development of the region Central BiH 2009-2015”

December 2011

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The process of updating the socio-economic analysis of the Central BiH region (CBiH) is a continuation of the ongoing process commenced by EURED in 2004. Accordingly, REZ Agency has inherited the methodological framework defined by EURED, in which the process of the preparation of the regional development strategies is also defined, where the socio-economic analysis and SWOT analysis are the most important segments required for defining or updating the guidelines of the regional development strategy.

Therefore, the previous update of the SEA (Socio-Economic Analysis) of the Central BiH region was carried out just before the preparation of the document “Regional Strategy for Economic Development of the Central BiH Region 2009-2015”, in which the SEA was integrated with its full content. In the initial version of the above document, the data coverage was up to the year-end of 2006. In January 2009, after reviewing the document at the “Final Session of the Partner Group for the Development of the Economic Development Strategy of the CBiH Region for the period 2009-2015” in Zenica, it was decided that, due to the need for a more up-to-date insight into the development state of the region, the year of 2007 should be included as well, wherever necessary and feasible.