Project Description

Increase employment opportunities of unemployed persons.

  • Financed by: USAID/Sida FIRMA Project; Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Central Bosnia Canton; Ministry of Economy of the Central Bosnia Canton; Travnik; Federal Employment Institute; Employment Services of Central Bosnia Canton; PREVENT Travnik
  • In the period: 2013-2014

Overall objective

Increase employment opportunities of unemployed persons registered at the Employment Institute of Central Bosnia Canton.

Specific objective

Improve the efficiency of the local labour market and strengthen the institutional capacity and link between workforce and education sector.

Achieved results

  1. Memorandum of Understanding signed between the project partners.
  2. Project activities coordinated among the partners.
  3. Training program for sewing covers for automotive seats developed and aligned with the knowledge, skills and abilities.
  4. Project activities controlled and reportes prepared.
  5. Report on the examination of acquired knowledge through tailored tests and practical work prepared.
  6. Analysis of success of trained candidates for the assesment of the overall achieved results prepared.
  7. Training organised for total of 728 candidates.
  8. Total of 256 persons employed.
  9. The program of education/vocational training recognized/accredited.