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Labor Market Analysis in the Travnik Municipality 1

Labor Market Analysis in the Travnik Municipality

Proceedings of selected/relevant parts from previously prepared documents

Within the Project “TRIK – For New Opportunities in Employment and Entrepreneurship”
Mart/Ožujak 2019.

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Positioning of a municipality as a regional leader in development has realistic assumptions found in administrative system and sufficient resources.

The analysis of these potentials suggests realistically that Travnik becomes a municipality attractive and attractive for investments. Expectations are that the investment cycle itself would be a significant driver of the growth of small businesses of service character on the basis of self-employment.

Special importance in stabilization and growth of the employment trend is the preservation of existing business activities and the number of employees in them. The responsibility of the municipal authority for a real boost development goals have yet to be institutionally strengthened in light of the responsibilities of different levels of government and community organizations.

Though there are prejudices about there are the jobs, but young people do not want to work, very widespread in BiH – data show that it is just prejudice, not factual. About 47% of the unemployed youth in the municipality of Travnik say they want to work but can not find a job, although they are actively seeking it. Those who want to work but do not use active job search techniques is about 23%, and young people who do not really want to work is about 6%. About 11% of young people can not work because of their obligations at home, and about 5% of them are discouraged in the labor market.