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Establishment and management of business zones 1

Establishment and management of business zones


Within the project “SET – Support to Export and Trade”
November 2010

Format A4, PDF, 6.3 MB

A handbook for the establishment and management of business zones is designed to help economic development leaders in the Central Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBiH) region, as well as throughout BiH, to strategically pursue balanced growth and regional growth through the establishment and management of business zones. The handbook provides an overview of important concepts related to business zones and their functioning, with a special emphasis on the presentation of the steps necessary in the realization of the business zone. The purpose of this manual is also to indicate the steps that are recommended to be adhered to while establishing business zones, but also to provide a broader framework for the application of appropriate policies and measures that will be used as a basis for making practical decisions regarding the establishment of business zones in the Central BiH region and beyond.

The manual also provides an overview of the basic principles and guidelines, as well as some tools for managing business zones, in order to facilitate their operation and supervision, in order to retain existing entrepreneurs and attract new domestic and foreign investors to the operations of the business zones in BiH.

The handbook was developed under the project SET – Support to Export and Trade, implemented in BiH by the Regional Development Agency for the Central BiH region – REZ Agency, financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and in cooperation and with the financial support of the GTZ project “Improving Local and Regional Economic Development in BiH – LRWF “.