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Regional cluster in the field of green technology in the shipbuilding sector 1

Regional cluster in the field of green technology in the shipbuilding sector


Within the project “BLUE TECH Adrion Cluster”
October 2016

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The terms “Blue economy” and “Blue sector” are in a strict connection with the Blue Growth Strategy and, as defined in the DG Mare of the European Commission, gather all the economic activities related to “waterborne” resources: oceans, seas, lakes, lagoons, rivers and waterways. In this sense, the definition is related to standardized economic activities classifications and crosses entire sectors like shipbuilding, fishing, and different segments of sectors, for example tourism, logistics, petrochemical, mining sector. We should even consider a wide supply chain in the raw materials sector addressing a reference area that is not easy to be enclosed and the difficulties could arise while identifying actors and dynamics with the standardized analysis tools that are in use.

Hence, the term “shipbuilding” mentioned in the project application form as specific object of the intervention, means properly only the shipyard activity for metal and not metal construction (ATECO Code – 30.11.02). In this manner, the definition used is excluding nautical sector and topics connected to maritime construction of non ship structures. The latter, instead, are playing a primary role in the future developments of European maritime policy.

In this framework, the project partnership has chosen to adopt a tailored interpretation of the term “Blue Technologies” that encompasses topics close to the ship building process. Doing so, this extended classification includes the ship building of all category of ships, their reparation and maintenance activities and is aligned with the representation made at European level by Sea Europe – Ships and Maritime Equipment Association, that is summarized in the framework that follows in the upcoming page.