Project Description

Development of macro regional Cluster technologies in green shipbuilding sector in the Adriatic-Ionian area.

Financed by: EU – EU Adriatic CBC (thgrough targeted call)
In the period: 01.05.2016-31.10.2016

The Project partners

  • Unioncamere del Veneto – Italy (Leading Partner)
  • Regional Development Agency for Central BiH Region (REZ Agency) – BiH
  • ConCentro (Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone) – Italy
  • Province Pesaro and Urbino – Italy
  • Friuli Innovazione Scarl (Research and Technology Transfer Centre) – Italy
  • Istrian Development Agency (IDA) – Croatia

The Project associates: Istrian County (Croatia), Marche Region (Italy) and Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy).

Overall objective

Contribute to the development of macro regional Cluster technologies in green shipbuilding sector in the Adriatic-Ionian area pursuing the purposes identifies by the Topic “Blue Technologies” – Pillar 1 “Blue Growth” of the European Union strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAR) through the development of a feasibility study, a networking platform, consultation and promotion in the territory.

Specific objectives

  1. Elaboration of a Feasibility study for the development of Macro Regional Cluster in the Adriatic-Ionian area in the sector of the Blue Growth green technologies and new materials.
  2. Development of an updated and upgraded information platform system about the specific strategies, programmes and initiatives at the EU, national and regional level that support the development of green shipbuilding technologies in the ADRION area.
  3. Development of an updated and upgraded information platform system mapping clusters, research/technology centres and significant enterprises operating in the shipbuilding sector.

Proposed activities

The activities of the project were divided in the Work Packages:

  • WP 1: Cross Border Project Management and Coordination.
  • WP 2: Communication and Dissemination.
  • WP 3: Technical implementation – analysis of the development of a Cluster in the Adriatic-Ionian Area in the sector of the “Green Shipbuilding Technologies”.

Achieved results

  • Capitalized experience of various approved projects financed by the IPA Adriatic and focused on different aspects that can contribute to the development of the feasibility study and networking platform of the Macro regional Cluster.
  • Clustered maritime sector. Developed a methodology and established a map of cluster, SMEs and Research/Technology centres in the shipbuilding sector.
  • Smart Inno implemented an intelligent platform for the monitoring and the promotion of innovation by the SMEs that can be focalised in the specific sector. The platform contains a stakeholder map with more than 300 research-technology centres, SMEs, clusters.
  • Established “AdriMob” for the development of sustainable transport system along the Adriatic coast.

Also, within the project “BLUE TECH Adrion Cluster” a Feasibility study Regional cluster in the field of green technology in the shipbuilding sector has been published.