Project Description

Restoration of primary school Karaula, Municipality of Travnik

Organized by the Netherlands organization of “Out of Area”, 125 Dutch students-volunteers came to the municipality of Travnik and participated in the restoration of primary school Karaula. The value of this project was approximately 30,000 KM.

The value of this project is approximately 30,000 KM.

The children from BiH in Netherlands

In July and August 2007, a visit to Netherlands was organised for 300 children from the regions of Central BiH, Northern Bosnia and North-Eastern Bosnia. From Central BiH Region participation took 50 children from Zenica without parental care. The visit was made in the organization of “EuropeKinderhulp” and lasted for 3 weeks. Our region has received an excellent evaluation of a maximum of 100 points, so 50 children will travel again in 2008.
Total project value was estimated to 41,180 KM.

Restoration of Youth people home in Perin Han, Municipality of Zenica

In the organization of military veterans from the Netherlands’ “Stichting Vetaranen Actif”, restoration of the hall and supporting facilities was done for Youth people home in Perin Han (Zenica Municipality) during September and October 2007.

The value of works was estimated to 30,000 KM.