Project Description

A module of the project “SET – Support to Export and Trade”

  • Financed by: Dutch Government
  • In the period: 2008 – 2009

Specific objectives

  1. Definition and affirmation of potential export products.
  2. Increase the knowledge and competencies in export marketing and management.
  3. Increase the organisational capacity building of all actors for export.

Achieved results

  • Partnership Agreement 2008/2009 between REZ Agency and CBI Netherlands signed.
  • Designed a new BSOD – Market Development Programme.
  • Trainings for Local Export Consultants organised and conducted.
  • 22 Local Export Consultants (LEC) have been certified by Dutch Government Agency CBI – Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries.
  • Organised and conducted the co-ordination meeting with Local Export Consultants.
  • Designed a draft template of the Marketing plan for Local Export Consultants.
  • Workshops for business groups, associations and other BSOs organised and conducted.
  • Training “Export to EU” for export oriented companies organised and conducted.
  • Organised and conducted the conference “Improvement of Export Potentials through Coordinated Dialog of Export Community”.
  • Export capacities of local stakeholders have been improved.