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Analysis of business infrastructure as a basis... 1

Analysis of business infrastructure as a basis for the development of entrepreneurship and attracting investments in municipalities of Central BiH region


January 2010

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The aim of the analysis is to open up perspectives and initiate local government structures and company managers to take on a more active role in supporting local and regional economic development. The analysis should answer the question of the current state, potentials and effects of the development of business infrastructure, starting from the strategic commitments of the Central BiH region’s economic development, with implications for development, employment, poverty reduction, creating a positive business environment, establishment and growth of small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurship , increasing economic activity in the Region, attracting foreign companies and investments, or the process of dynamising the overall economic development of the Central BiH region.

The analysis is also an effective kind of “reminder” to the municipal structures of government that, in the case of improvement of the local business environment, it is actually a continuous task whose results are periodically checked and evaluated.

The results of this Analysis will give an answer to the question of whether municipalities are “aware” of the importance of developing competitive advantages vis-à-vis others and the necessity of managing entrepreneurial infrastructure as a prerequisite for successful local economic development. Furthermore, what is the real situation on the “field” in this area, i.e. whether and what kind of entrepreneurial infrastructure have been established, or – are there mechanisms for managing its development established. And, finally, whether progress has been made in the last two years and is it measurable?