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Adriatic Economic Cluster Club 1

Adriatic Economic Cluster Club

Brochure of the project

Within the project “Adriatic Economic Cluster Club” – IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2011-2013
February 2014

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The project “Adriatic Economic Cluster Club” was aimed to improve the possibilities for improving production systems through cooperation, creating business opportunities and market research. The goal was to accelerate the establishment and strengthening of the cluster system, in particular through the creation of a network of small and medium enterprises, public administration, public and private sectors, research institutes, consumers and potential products, and related associations in the Adriatic region.

Through a partnership composed of various institutions, the project used various experiences and information on cluster development to achieve the strategic goals of cross-border cooperation. The project was based on the analysis of existing clusters in the nautical sector and shipbuilding through the mapping and determination of commodities and sectors related to production chains, with emphasis on wood, mechanics, plastics, rubber, metal and textiles in the project implementation area, through the exchange of best practices and experiences, entrepreneurship, cooperation and business networking.

The European Nautical sector is developing continuously with high development rates. From the very beginning, this development has a trend of continuous growth in all countries of Europe and the world. Nautical sector is one of the most important economic sectors in terms of producing the added value and the predicting trends show a growth in this sector in the next five years by up to 20%.