Project Description

Delivery of specialised trainings for the organizations of Central Bosnia Canton in agriculture is a project to improve the business skills of farmers organisations in Central Bosnia Canton through specialized training.

  • Financed by: USAID/Sida FARMA Projekt
  • In the period: 02.2014 – 02.2014

Overall objective

Improve the business skills of agricultural producers and processors.

Specific objective

In cooperation with the USAID/Sida FARMA Project, REZ Agency should provide assistance to the business of the agricultural organisations of the Central Bosnia Canton.

Proposed activities

  1. Organise and conduct specialised training “Business plans for the organizations in agriculture” designed for organizations of agricultural producers and processors of the Central Bosnia Canton.
  2. Specialised training should be designed for theoretical (business plan preparation) and practical (presentations of examples) parts, with the assistance/participation by the professionals of the REZ Agency and the USAID/Sida FARMA Project.

Achieved results

  1. Three-day specialised training conducted in Bugojno for the agricultural organisations of Central Bosnia Canton.
  2. Total of 29 representatives of the agricultural organisations of the municipalities Bugojno, Travnik, Donji Vakuf and Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje (all of the Central Bosnia Canton and the Central BiH region) participated the specialised training.
  3. The particiapants improved their knowledge on the process of business planning, better understanding of the financial statements and banking conditions, as well as development of business plans and applications for loans.