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Tourist offer of the Maglaj municipality 1

Tourist offer of the Maglaj municipality

Brochure of the project

Within the project “Past for the Future” – EU Programme “Preparations for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage in the area of conflict in the Western Balkans 2010”

November 2013

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During the post-war period many valuable heritage objects suffered additional damage due to their exposure to weathering and other adverse conditions (moisture, temperature changes, etc.). Built during the Ottoman Empire period in Bosnia, Delibeg’s Caravanserai faced the similar “treatment”. By implementing project “Past for the Future”, under the programme “Preparatory actions for preserving and restoring cultural heritage in conflict areas in the Western Balkans for the year 2010” –financed by the European Union, a last minute survival chance was given to the building.

After restoration, which was done during the year 2013, “Delibegov Han” – the building that makes a connection between the past and future, once again becomes one of the most important cultural and historical determinants of the town. Also, its unique position at the bank of Bosnia River gives the building an additional tourist attraction, so every visit to Maglaj will once again start and end there, as it has been the case for decades.

The publication contains a presentation of other valuable sights of Maglaj, such as the Old Town of Maglaj, Kalavun Jusuf Pasha (Kuršumlija) mosque, religious buildings, Uzeirbegov konak (Uzeirbeg’s Hostel), Maglaj’s stone ball and tombstone and Monument to the Austro-Hungarian soldiers. Part of the brochure is dedicated to the traditional manifestations for the development of tourism in the municipality of Maglaj.