Project Description

Capacity building for agricultural producers through the implementation of typical activities organized over many years of implementation of the USAID / Sida FARMA project in the form of educations or informative presentations in the municipalities of Central BiH region.

  • Financed by: REZ Agency & USAID/Sida FARMA Project
  • In the period: 2010-2014

FARMA = Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity
REZ Agency was an implementing partner of USAID / Sida FARMA project for the activities realized in the region of Central BiH.

Overall objective

Assist Bosnia and Herzegovina to strengthen its economy and to prepare for accession to the EU through improvement the competitiveness of the agricultural producers and enterprises of BiH.

Specific objectives

  • Perform activities in three agricultural sectors: dairy, fruits and vegetables, and in the sector of medicinal and aromatic herbs and honey.
  • To support activities which will increase the environmentally sustainable production and processing, including the production of agricultural and food products with added value, with an increase in domestic sales and exports
  • To support institutions in BiH in overcoming the limitations of export of products of plant and animal origin to the EU

REZ Agency – Anticipated activities within USAID / Sida FARMA Project

In cooperation with USAID/Sida FARMA project, REZ Agency has implemented various activities in order to improve the business skills of organization of agricultural producers and processors in the municipalities of Central BiH region.
The following type of activities were organized during the years of implementation of the project in the form of trainings or presentations, and were moderated by experts engaged by the USAID/Sida FARMA and business advisors of the REZ Agency:

  • Business Planning / Credit applications
  • EU IPARD pre-accession funds
  • Seminars for milk producers
  • Seminars for producers of berries
  • Cheese school
  • Business record keeping on small farms
  • Business plans and preparation of credit applications

Achieved results

  1. Specified the above.
  2. Total of 234 agricultural producers from the region of Central BiH participated in the above specified activities.