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Feasibility study of waste wood commercial utilisation 1

Feasibility study of waste wood commercial utilisation in Central Bosnia and Herzegovina

Feasibility study

January 2006

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Wood as a renewable  source of energy may be the best replacement for fossil fuel, moreover it might be the leading sector of the renewable fuels for the primary energy production in Europe. Its usage in the form of energy resources reduces the global heating, while reducing carbon dioxide emission, contrary to fossil energy sources, that is being reabsorbed by forests. These ecological and energetic advantages explain why the biggest European countries of the European Union with significant forest resources launch, to the great extent, the programs for technology development for biological fuel and further strengthening of this industry sector.

Fossil fuels (coal, gas and oils) presently participate in the world consumption of energy with about 79%, nuclear energy occupies the share of 7%, and renewed sources of energy participate with 14%. In 25 states of EU, renewed sources of energy used to participate with 6% in total needs for energy in 2002. Biomass dominates in the renewed sources of energy to reach the amount of 12% in the total needs for energy by the year 2010.