MEP (Market Economic Profile) Database was created as an online (web) application, being located on the server of REZ Agency. Serves for entering, monitoring and processing of data on socioeconomic indicators, and, as such, it is extremely useful in preparation of municipal and regional development strategies. The municipal MEP Administrators are in charge for collecting and entering data into MEP Database.

The main advantage of such database is the fact that the data are entered at source (municipality) and represent the unique values, being shared by all interested users. The possibility of updating or deleting certain information is left to the sole municipality to which the information is related.

The regional administrator at the regional development agency is in charge for common level coordination, administration and data design.

Indicators (the total of 48) included in the MEP Database (classified on correlation basis) are forming the following 8 groups:

  1. Geography
  2. Natural resources
  3. Population
  4. Human resources
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Economics
  7. Economic indicators
  8. Legal entities

Beside the basic module named “Socio-Economic Indicators – Data Review”, created are the modules “Statistics”, “Search” and “Administration.”

It is possible to create or use any of the three types of reports from the MEP Database:

  • Ordinary tabular reports
  • Drill-down reports
  • Dimensioned reports

The reporting has been designed with dynamical approach. The freedom of choice on which indicators and parameters to be included in a report is given to users.

The data sets that can be retrieved using the advanced search or creation of the reports, can be converted into three different output formats:

  • XLS – Microsoft Excel Format
  • DOC – Microsoft Word Format
  • PDF – Adobe Systems Portable Document Format

Further development of the MEP database should be primarily carried out in full dependence on the actual possibilities of data collection at the municipal level. In terms of qualitative development of the database, it is extremely important to receive the support and contribution from all municipal administrators. In that manner, design and content of existing database indicators will lead to a level that provides one useful and attractive database for daily use. Also, in accordance with the needs observed and possibly expressed by the majority of the database users, introducing of new indicators for creation of the comprehensive database of relevant data should be a permanent aspiration.


Since 18. November 2015 – Link for external MEP Database users is: