For those who want to invest in the Central BiH region, REZ Agency has developed the Bestinvest – Portal for Investment Promotion. The portal is in English only and offers the following content:

  • Basic information about the REZ Agency, cantons and municipalities of the region
    along with the contacts of competent municipal services
  • Information about the region Central Bosnia and Herzegovina
    including: geography and topography of the region, geo-strategic position, natural resources, human resources, industrial tradition and quality of life
  • Investment locations
    including: an interactive map of all investment locations, preview and associated detailed information about all business zones and/or downloading an application that provides all details about all zones with the ability to filter data
  • Description of support to investors
    including: reasons to invest in the Central BiH region, a list of services available to investors, how to access information with description of the sources and availability of information
  • Publications and presentations
  • Existing laws
  • Gallery
    which contains illustrations of the above-mentioned contents

Take advantage of Portal services at the link Bestinvest – Portal for Investment Promotion