Classes in the multimedia computer cabinet of the REZ Agency (Zenica, Štrosmajerova 11/III), for the IX generation of students started in mid-October 2015. A total of 9 participants have been enrolled, who, upon completion of the training, acquire the right to apply for the Cisco CCNA Certificate – one of the world’s most valuable certificates for network technologies because it confirms that its owner possesses the knowledge necessary for quality design, establishment and maintenance of network systems.

Thanks to the partnership with the College of Computer and Business Communication eMPIRICA and their Cisco Academy, we introduced the most modern form of study – distance learning for our students. Classes is performed using the latest e-learning support technology – the Cisco WebEx, web conference system, and own YouTube channel with lectures and exercises.

The classical part of the classes related to obligatory laboratory exercises are organised every second weekend in the premises of the REZ Agency.