Project Description

Regional Positioning – The Regional Strategy was funded by the EU RED Project to build institutional capacity and promote a regional approach to economic development according to the methodology of the European Union.

  • Financed by: Project EU RED (Regional Economic Development)
  • Year: 2004

Overall objective

Institutional capacity building and the promotion of regional economic development using approach of the European Union.

Specific objectives

  1. Positioning, prioritization, identification, facilitation and implementation of projects.
  2. Creating a document “Strategy for regional economic development”.

Achieved results

  • Strategy of economic development of Central BiH Region revised.
  • Initially selected fifty (50) priority projects. In order to commence the process of stimulating regional economic development, REZ Agency focused on their implementation.
  • Region Central BiH in 2004/2005 declared as the “European region of future for Southern, Eastern and Central Europe” (according the FDI Magazine).