Project Description

MENTOR – Generate the environment for introduction of modern production technologies and knowledge based economy.

  • Financed by: EC Delegation in BiH
  • In the period: 01.10.2010 – 31.10.2012

REZ Agency was the partner in this project. The Lead Partner was ZEDA – Zenica Development Agency in Zenica.

MENTOR - Modern Economy through New Technology-Oriented Research 1
Overall objective

Generate the environment for introduction of modern production technologies, knowledge based economy supporting MSME growth towards greater competitiveness and creation of better and more jobs.

Specific objectives

  1. Improve competitiveness of BH wood products on internal and external markets by adding extra value to products through certificates.
  2. Introduce modern technology, knowledge based economy and advancement of the production techniques at MSMEs through direct assistance and knowledge transfer.

Responsibility of the REZ Agency in the project

  • Knowledge transfer and servicing of MSMEs
  • Support to innovation (design of the special service package for innovators and special service provision)
  • Internal development of Technology park and administration (internationalization of Technology park)

Expected results

  • Laboratory – established, accredited and operational.
  • The Institute for Certification – established and operational.
  • The area for SMEs premises operational.
  • Knowledge base established and operational.
  • One stop shop service package for innovators established and available.
  • Technology Park internationalized through business links with similar foreign institutions.

For more information about MENTOR Project and results, please visit web pages of the ZEDA – Zenica Development Agency.