Project Description

Italy, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Serbia: What are the possibilities for business cooperation? 1

Italy, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Serbia: What are the possibilities for business cooperation?

Strategic sectors that are subject to analysis: wood, metal, agriculture, food, textiles and footwear


Within the project “FACILITY – Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises”

August 2008

Format A4, PDF, 1.8 MB, Trilingual: Italian, English and Bosnian/Serbian

Facility for SMEs and Capacity Building” is a cross-border cooperation project funded under the Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme (ANNP) INTERREG/CARDS-PHARE, the financial instrument created by the European Union in order to promote “social and economic development and cooperation between the Countries of the Adriatic Area.

In this framework, FACILITY project aims at encouraging partnerships and facilitate internationalization strategies of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Veneto, Apulia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. More in particular, it is intended to spread information about existing funding schemes designed to support business growth and internationalization in the four regions, notably the “Technical-Financial Instrument for Balkan SMEs” (the so called “Credit Line”) offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Directorate General for Development Co-operation.

The ultimate goal is to encourage the establishment of long-term networks between existing institutional and economic players in the four partner regions, by sharing methods and services. A number of actions have been implemented to this aim, such as training and capacity building activities, bilateral meetings between SMEs and institutional players, far-reaching dissemination initiatives (trade exhibitions, workshops, marketing strategies, etc) and the creation of an international network of “Support Centres for SMEs’ Internationalisation”.