Project Description

The municipal development strategy of Novi Travnik.

Financed by: The Municipality of Novi Travnik
In the period: 08/2013 – 07/2014

Municipality of Novi Travnik
Overall objective

Prepare document of the municipal development strategy of Novi Travnik.

Specific objectives

  1. Select a methodology that is most appropriate for the preparation of development strategy, considering the specificities of the municipality and the previous methods of implementation of similar strategies.
  2. Harmonise strategic document with strategic documents of higher levels (state, federal, cantonal and regional).

Proposed activities

  1. Organise workshops for stakeholders in the municipality of Novi Travnik.
  2. Conduct municipal Situation Analysis (the socio-economic analysis), using tools SWOT and PESTLE.
  3. Define the vision, strategic objectives, propose programs and projects to achieve the objectives, as well as the mechanism of implementation of the strategy implementation.
  4. Prepare draft version of the “Development strategy of the Municipality Novi Travnik for the period 2014-2020”, submit it to the municipality of Novi Travnik for the initiation of the public debate.

Achieved results

  1. In the cooperation with the Municipality determined interest groups (stakeholders): Industry and SMEs, Agriculture, Tourism and trade, Transport, communications, public administration and other sectors.
  2. Organised five workshop for stakeholders: “Defining proposals of the vision”, “Analysis of the situation – PESTLE and SWOT Analysis”, “Strategic objectives”, “Strategic programs and performance indicators” and “Finalising all elements”.
  3. Prepared draft version of the document “Development strategy of the municipality Novi Travnik for the period 2014-2020”, based on which the public debate initiated.
  4. Integrated all acceptable objections and proposals that were delivered to the municipality during the public debate.
  5. Participated to the session of the Municipal Council on which the document was adopted.
  6. Development strategy of the Municipality Novi Travnik for the period 2014-2020 made available to the local community in the planning of development programs and projects.