Project Description

COMETS – Competitive market based Export and Trade service, whose aim was to reduce the trade deficit by increasing exports by companies from the Central BiH region, influencing the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Financed by: EC Delegation to BiH (CARDS)
  • In the period: 01.12.2006 – 07.05.2008

Overall objective

Reduce the trade deficit by increasing exports by companies of the Central BiH region and create an impact on the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Specific objective

Promote entrepreneurship through market research and provide support to at least 30 companies of the Central BiH region.

Achieved results

A survey was carried out involving 60 Central BiH region’s enterprises that have had certain export potentials, with the aim at selecting 30 best companies in the sectors of wood and metal processing to be supported by the project.

Based on the research findings, appropriate technical assistance was provided to each beneficiary or each company in the category of SMEs. Support was provided through the following services:

  • Preparation of marketing/promotional plan (for 25 companies).
  • Market research.
  • Assistance in establishing business linkages.
  • Assistance in defining the product suitable for export.
  • Assistance in business correspondence with foreign partners.
  • Printing promotional materials (catalogues/maps/leaflets for 28 companies designed.
  • PowerPoint presentation (for 28 companies).
  • Design of the web page (for 26 companies).
  • General consultative services to improve business

The following services were provided at the project level (for all companies):

  • Company Export Profile.
  • Services of PUM Experts and REZ RDA Business Unit presented and offered.
  • Three seminars.
  • Export Work Book brochure titled prepared and published (300 copies).
  • Trade mission, including B2B business meetings (35 domestic and 11 foreign companies).
  • Various promotional activities, including preparation and printing of 2000 leaflets, 2000 folders and 500 brochures (total number of copies indicated).

Brošura izrađena u okviru projekta COMETS (Centar za izvoz i trgovinske usluge bazirane na konkurentskom tržištu).