Project Description

The ultimate goal of the project is to create preconditions for reducing the share of fossil fuels in the cement industry, using alternative fuels, in accordance with the legislation of BiH and the European Union.

  • Financed by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the program develoPPP
  • In the period: 12.2015 – 01.2018

The project leaders

  • German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ) – Program
  • Cement Factory Kakanj

The Project partners

  • REZ Agency
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zenica

Co-processing of municipal waste – Overall objective

Creation of preconditions for the production and use of municipal waste, industrial waste and waste tires as an alternative fuel in the cement industry in BiH.

Specific objectives

  1. Reduction of the use of non-renewable fossil fuels as an energy source in the cement industry in BiH.
  2. Reduction of municipal and industrial waste at landfills.
  3. Environmental protection contribution.

Proposed activities

Activities were organized in Work Packages/Clusters.

Work Package 1: Strengthening public awareness and creating public-private networks.
Work Package 2: Transfer of knowledge, information and education.
Work Package 3: Creation of preconditions for the establishment of infrastructure necessary for the processing of municipal waste.

Co-processing of municipal waste – Achieved results

Documents prepared

  1. Communication strategy
  2. Analysis of experience in the production and use of RDF in South East Europe
  3. Impact of municipal waste on the environment in the area of Zenica-Doboj, Central Bosnia and Sarajevo cantons
  4. Study on the exploration of the possibilities of use the RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) as an alternative fuel in the area of Zenica-Doboj Canton
  5. Recommendations for municipalities, municipal utility companies, regional landfills and the private sector related to the infrastructure and logistics required for the production of fuel from waste (RDF)

Events organised

  1. Four seminars in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism titled “Municipal Waste as Alternative Fuel” and “Municipal Waste Management in the context of the Strategy for Adapting BiH Regulations to the EU Acquis in Environmental Protection”.
  2. Seminar for media representatives “Municipal Waste as an Alternative Fuel”.
  3. Three Info Days (Info Day at the First Waste Management Conference in BiH within the International RENEXPO Fair, Info Day – Street Campaign on the occasion of the International Day of Renewable Energy, Info Day within the International Trade Fair in Tešanj).
  4. Study visit – visit to the facility for mechanical and biological treatment of waste within the company Gorenje Surovina in Maribor, Republic of Slovenia, which produces RDF and SRF.
  5. Seminar “Possibilities to commence the fuel production from Waste (RDF)”.
  6. Seminar “Municipal waste as a resource – challenges and opportunities”.

Co-processing of municipal waste – Promotional activities

  1. Printed promotional materials (promotional leaflet, brochure, factsheet, etc.)
  2. Promotional poster
  3. Promotional materials that inlude the project visual identity: schedule books, calendars, bugs, t-shirts, cups, balloons
  4. Intro video
  5. Educational video reportage
  6. Labels with affirmative ecological slogans in schools
  7. The Project website as a micro site on the Kakanj Cement Factory website
  8. Survey on the public awareness of environmental protection and alternative energy sources
  9. Electronic bulletin
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