Project Description

Adriatic Economic Cluster Club – Partnership in the project was achieved through the cooperation of 15 partners from 6 countries: Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Albania and Greece.

  • Financed by: EU – IPA Adriatic Programme
  • In the period: 01.03.2011-31.08.2013

Adriatic Economic Cluster ClubOverall objective

Improve the innovation’s possibility of territorial and productive system through cooperation, business opportunities and market research.

Specific objectives

  1. Provide a technical assistance in the creation and development of clusters and other types of associations in CC and PC Countries.
  2. Development of new green technologies to improve the innovation level and competitiveness of the nautical sector through the promotion of cross-border cooperation.
  3. Strengthen cooperation between Chambers of Commerce, development agencies, research and innovation centers etc. in order to identify business opportunities for SMEs.
  4. Support to cooperation between entrepreneurship clusters and research, innovation and training institutes.

Achieved results

  1. Creation of a network cooperation between clusters linked to nautical and shipbuilding sectors through the mapping of activities (a.wood; b. mechanic; c. plastic-rubber; d. textile).
  2. Preparation and submission of a questionnaire sent to more than 1.000 subjects operating in the nautical sector: 42 clusters; 53 excellence centers; 327 enterprises).
  3. Organization of 3 B2B and B2C involved a total of 350 companies for a total of about 1020 meetings: Nautical Fair of Venice; Pula Boat Fair; ORC – World Sailing Championship of Ancona.
  4. Three Cluster Animation meetings finalized to the exchange of best practices involved 142 participants and 42 clusters: Padua (February 2012); Tirana (March 2012); Venice (November 2013).
  5. Four Pilot Actions: Promotion of innovative green technologies and ancient crafts through the trabaccolo “Il Nuovo Trionfo” (Unioncamere del Veneto); Development of nautical chain focused on ecodesign (CCIAA Ancona); Creation of a start up incubator in Pola (IDA); Feasibility study on the establishment of a “green” river mini marina near Belgrade, Serbia.

Printed as one of the activities of the project, a bilingual brochure was distributed at the Final conference. The content of the brochure is available after click on the following picture.

Adriatic Economic Cluster Club Brochure