Project Description

The REZ Agency activities are focused on the following drivers of regional competitiveness: business environment, entrepreneurship promotion, investment and export promotion, education and knowledge transfer, business development and growth.

In order to improve the business environment of the Central BiH region, REZ Agency has developed competencies and instruments that support the development of the private sector as the bearer of local and regional economic development. Significant interventions are analysis, knowledge transfer and manual on establishment of business zones, web portal for investment promotion, start-up programs, trainings related to the export promotion, trainings of local export experts, business support through consulting, education and communications.

Moreover, REZ Agency initiated the establishment of an innovative business infrastructure in the region, such as a technology park and a laboratory for testing of wood products.

Business Infrastructure Development

A favorable business climate is a prerequisite for the development of entrepreneurship.

The development of the private sector depends on the effective combination of interventions at different levels. Interventions in the area of business structure are one of the key segments whose effects will be multiplied on:

  • Local and regional competitiveness
  • Creating jobs
  • Increasing investments
  • Increase in the number of registered companies
  • Structured local economic development
  • Synergy among enterprises
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Preparing for international financial instruments

Accordingly, REZ Agency has developed competencies and directed activities towards:

  • Creation of studies and analysis for establishing business zones in the Central BiH region
  • Preparation of tools and instruments for establishing and managing of business zones
  • Provision of technical support to municipalities in establishing business infrastructure
  • Education of municipal staff in the establishment and management of business zones
  • Technical support in establishing Technology Centres and Centres of Excellence
  • Promotion of local and regional investment potentials
  • Preparation of project proposals
  • Internationalisation

Investment promotion – The Bestinvest

For those who want to invest in the Central BiH region, the Agency has developed Bestinvest – Portal for Investment Promotion.

The portal is in English and offers the following content:

  1. Basic information about the REZ Agency, cantons and municipalities of the region with the contacts of the relevant municipal departments
  2. Information on the Central BiH region, including: geography and topography of the region, geo-strategic position, natural resources, human resources, industrial tradition and quality of life
  3. Investment locations, including: an interactive map of all locations for investment, review and related detailed information about all business zones and / or download an application that provides all information about all business zones with possibility to filter data
  4. Description of the support to investors, including: possible reasons for investing in the Central BiH region, a list of services available to investors, a way to access information, with description of the source and availability of information
  5. Publications & Presentations
  6. Applicable laws in the area
  7. Gallery containing illustrations of the above contents

Click the following icon to access the Bestinvest:

Bestinvest Portal

Bestinvest Portal