Project Description

Co-financing support to the operations of REZ Agency 2007-2009 means strengthen the capacities of REZ Agency, as the key institution for regional economic development by The Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Financed by: The Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • In the period: 01.01.2007 – 31.05.2009

Overall objective

Strengthen the capacities of REZ Agency, as the key institution for regional economic development.

Specific objectives

  1. REZ Agency organisational development and strengthen links with the founders.
  2. Development of human resources in the region.
  3. Further SME sector development.
  4. Update the regional Socio-economic analysis and adoption of Regional Development Strategy.

Achieved results

REZ Agency participated in the following types of activities in the period 2007-2009:

  1. Institutional building
  2. Strategic planning, including preparation of strategic document
  3. SME sector support and development
  4. Capacity building of the stakeholders
  5. MEP Database development

Therefore, for the achievement of the objectives of the project, among others – the following activities have been carried out:

  • Completed the assessment of the needs of local stakeholders in 16 municipalities of the region.
  • Four 6-day training “Project Cycle Management” in two parts (Part 1: writing the project proposal, logical framework matrix and budget preparation; Part 2: Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation) – for 67 participants.
  • Five courses of Business English for SMEs and the municipal development team staff (67 participants).
  • Five trainings on “Establishing Business Zones” for the cantonal and municipal staff (67 participants).
  • Seventeen trainings on various topics for the local stakeholders for 363 members of business associations and municipal/cantonal staff.
  • Information on thirty-one “Call for Proposals” processed and distributed to the stakeholders.
  • At least 587 project proposals by the regional stakeholders submitted to various donors.
  • Supervisory Board meetings organised in 10 occasions.
  • Annual Assembly meetings organised in 3 occasions.
  • Regional Socio Economic Analysis updated.
  • Conducted the process on the preparation the document “Regional Economic Development Strategy of Central BiH Region 2009-2015” and the strategy adopted.
  • Signed the Protocol on co-financing the REZ Agency’s operational costs.
  • Organised and conducted 5 Regional Coordination Group meetings.
  • Developed and administered the MEP (Market Economic Profile) database.
  • Supported the preparation of 13 municipal development strategies.