Improvements of the municipal waste management in line with the recommendations of the European Community (Directive 2008/98 / EC).

Project Leaders

German Organization for International Cooperation GIZ – Program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) – develoPPP
ALBA Zenica d.o.o.

Project Implementation Partner

REZ Agency – Regional Development Agency for Central BiH Region

Project Implementation Area

  • Zenica – Doboj Canton (ZDK)
  • Central Bosnia Canton (SBK)

Project Beneficiaries

5 municipalities and 5 Public Utility Companies of Zenica – Doboj Canton and Central Bosnia Canton

Project Duration

3 years (15 December 2018 – 14 December 2021)

Overall objective of the project

The separate collection, disposal and recycling of special waste streams is improved in two pilot cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To achieve this objective, the project will:

  • Enable joint creation of management system for special waste streams
  • Establish and test management system for special waste streams in five municipalities
  • Promote and support the adoption, adoption and extension of the application of the management system of special categories of waste in two cantons of BiH by conducting awareness-raising campaign and adequate measures for information dissemination

Proposed activities to be implemented within the project:

  1. Establishment of management system for special waste streams
    (Formation of the Working Group and involvement of key stakeholders, selection of pilot municipalities, study trip to some of the countries of the region / transfer of good practices, design / creation of management system for special waste streams and development of waste catalog, development of a business model for management system for special waste streams for the regional system)
  2. Establish a System for Collecting Special Waste / Infrastructure
    (Establish cooperation with special waste streams operators, needs analysis of selected municipalities, procurement of containers for municipalities / public utility companies participating in the project, preparation of sites for containers for the collection of special waste, training of employees of public utility companies participating in the project, setting up recycling yard in Zenica)
  3. Testing (“Piloting”) a system for special waste streams
    (Organising collection of special waste, support to public utility companies in keeping records of collected waste quantities and legal obligations, preparation of Business plan for ALBA Zenica, preparation of “Business case”)
  4. Raising awareness of public/SMEs and dissemination of project results
    (Initial research / conduct of a survey on the disposal of special waste, roundtables with municipalities and public utility companies of ZDK and SBK, preparation / design of awareness raising campaigns (communication strategies), preparation of promotional and educational materials for raising awareness and educational measures, conducting a campaign raising awareness, research / conduct a survey on the disposal of special waste at the end of the project)

Target groups for project activities are:

  • Households / citizens living in the area of municipalities participating in the project
  • Schools, pupils and youth
  • Relevant waste management services: ministries, inspections, city and municipal services
  • Business entities involved in waste management (collectors, operators, recyclers)
  • Business Community – Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Media

Through this public-private partnership project, ALBA Zenica wishes to use its ‘know-how’ regarding different types of waste, expand its services and offer a new service: to separate the collection and disposal of special waste streams. (The definition of hazardous waste/special waste streams is provided under the Law on Waste Management of Federation BiH.)

By building capacities for treating special waste streams from municipal waste, ALBA Zenica will expand its services to special waste streams including hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment. Furthermore, by expanding activities and appearing in the municipalities of Zenica – Doboj Canton and Central Bosnia Canton, space will be created for cooperating with economic operators, in other words they may be offered a service of treating all kinds of their waste.