Based on interviews with municipal and staff members from other organizations, lack of knowledge related to project cycle management (PCM) and writing project proposals is indicated by weakness, so the mitigate of the related consequences is indicated as the priority. REZ Agency has achieved significant results in the capacity building of local economic development stakeholders, being reflected in the increase of the number of proposed projects to various donors, and, therefore, in substantially increased number of approved projects.

Also, as a prerequisite for quality preparation of projects and successfully applying for funds from domestic or international funds, timely and the earliest possible access to information about the possibilities to apply is of utmost importance. Thus, more time remains available for quality preparation of the application (completing documentation, writing a new or refinement of existing project proposals, etc.).

REZ Agency collects information on available funds and announced Calls for Proposals on behalf of economic development stakeholders from the region of Central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The information is forwarded to interested parties through:

– Coordinators of the Municipal Development Team
– REZ Agency Field offices in Travnik and Maglaj
– Web page of the REZ Agency
– Presentations organised by the REZ Agency
– REZ Bulletins
– Direct communication with NGOs and local development agencies from the region