Regional development … in high resolution

Razvoj regije Centralna BiH

A411 Development of the region

Promotion of the regional development. Basic information.
Central BiH Region = REZ Agency + Municipalities of the region + Partners

A451 The most significant projects – Agriculture

Promotion of the project “Promotion of self-employment in agriculture through technical assistance and market linkages”, implemented under first EU programmes designed for regional development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SET - Program podrške izvozu i trgovini

A452 The most significant projects – Business Infrastructure

Promotion of the project “SET – Programme of Support to Export and Trade” to improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of the business environment in the region.

Prošlost za budućnost

A453 The most significant projects – Tourism

Promotion of the project “Past for the Future”, approved under the EU programme entitled “Preparatory actions for preserving and restoring cultural heritage in conflict areas in the Western Balkans for the year 2010”.

Komunalni otpad kao alternativno gorivo

A454 The most significant projects – Renewable energy

Promotion of a project with specific objectives: reduction of the use of non-renewable fossil fuels as an energy source in the cement industry in BiH, reduction of municipal and industrial waste at landfills and contribution to environmental protection.

LA412 Regional development and current projects (2017)

Region of Central BiH. Regional development entities and current projects.

LA413 REZ Agency and Employment

The REZ Agency assists in employment through various programs and measures for employment and education: start-up own business, retraining programs, lifelong learning and improving entrepreneurial skills.

LA414 Cisco Academy of networking technologies

Promotion of the Academy of ICT experts education, one of the most wanted profiles in the labor market.