Action location: Municipality of Travnik, Central Bosnia Canton, Central BiH Region
Project duration: 2 years

Lead partner

REZ Agency (Regional Development Agency for Central BiH Region)


  1. Employment Service of Central Bosnia Canton
  2. Municipality of Travnik
  3. University “Vitez” in Travnik
  4. NGO Center for Youth Education CEM Travnik
  5. GS-tmt Ltd. Travnik
  6. Nobil Ltd. Nova Bila

Overall objective of the project is: Create a more favorable business environment for the labor market in the Travnik municipality through establishment of institutional and infrastructural prerequisites for increasing self-employment and employment of young people.

Specific objectives of the project

  1. Establish institutional support for youth employment in the Travnik municipality through strengthening the role of local employment partnership.
  2. To support the self-employment of young people and people with special needs in the area of Travnik through the start up program.
  3. Improve the business infrastructure to start-up a business through the establishment of the center for business support to young people (business incubator / accelerator for start-up projects).

Final beneficiaries of the project are: Unemployed young people primarily of the municipality of Travnik and other municipalities that gravitate towards Travnik.

REZ Agency, as lead partner, is implementing the project, which is focused on institutional building of partly formed local partnerships for employment in Travnik, but it should be institutionally strengthen. The project will create the institutional framework of the local employment partnerships in Travnik municipality, which will create conditions for the preparation of the Action plan on youth employment based on the Development Strategy and thus contribute to the long-term participatory planning of active employment measures and the development of human resources.

The business infrastructure is very necessary instrument in Travnik municipality to generate jobs and enabling through the “TRIK (Travnik Incubator ) – for new opportunities in employment and entrepreneurship“, capacities of the REZ Agency and availability of public funds for start-up companies – to a state of becoming the modus operandi for promoting an entrepreneurial spirit with young unemployed people with confirmed practice of starting and running a business. This kind of integrated support would be a “good practice” that could be replicated in other municipalities of Central Bosnia Canton and the region.

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