Based on the research situation of young people in the municipality of Travnik, close to 40% of young people would gladly have started their own business, but they require support from the start. The TREIN project establishes synergies between the public, civic, private and educational sectors, with the aim of creating a dynamic environment encouraging the opening and growth of new businesses in attractive and fast growing sectors.


TREINTRavnik Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network is in line with the defined goals in the Travnik Municipality Development Strategy 2016-2020.

Financed by

  • EU

Project implemented by

  • GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – Njemačko društvo za međunarodnu saradnju)
  • UNDP (United Nations Development Programme – Program Ujedinjenih naroda za razvoj)
  • ILO (International Labour Organisation – Međunarodna organizacija rada)


  • Municipality of Travnik
  • Central Bosnia Canton


  1. Municipality of Travnik – Lead Partner
  2. REZ Agency (Regional Development Agency for Central BiH Region) – Project Management and Coordination
  3. Employment Service of Central Bosnia Canton
  4. University “Vitez” in Travnik
  5. NGO Center for Youth Education CEM Travnik
  6. NOBIL Ltd. Nova Bila

Duration of the project

18 months (01 January 2020. – 30 June 2021)

TREIN – Overall objective

Contribute to enhancing employment capacities in the Travnik municipality and in the Central Bosnia Canton (CBC) through the creation and development of support mechanisms for young people in starting and running their businesses.

Specific objectives

  1. Develop the coalition capacities of the Local Employment Partnership (LEP) of Travnik Municipality to enhance support to the private sector based on competitiveness and innovation.
  2. Enhance the capacity of “BeeZone” Business Incubator to support youth entrepreneurial initiatives.
  3. Accelerate the establishment and support the development of innovative micro, small and newly registered enterprises.

The implementation of the TREIN project will:

  • accelerate the establishment and support the development of at least 20 innovative start-ups;
  • upgrade the space in the BeeZone Incubator with at least 4 new spaces fully equipped and purpose-built for start-ups;
  • maintain a motivational program to promote self-employment for at least 100 young unemployed persons (up to 30 years old);
  • implement an entrepreneurial education program for at least 100 young people in order to develop and realize business ideas;
  • support 32 companies in the “pre start up” and “start up” phase, supported in business analysis and development to maintain and create jobs – mentoring for 12 existing and 20 new start-ups;
  • update the BeeZone business incubator database with 100 new business ideas collected through entrepreneurship education;
  • organize an Idea Fair with the participation of 32 start-ups from the BeeZone incubator.

In order to ensure the participation of partners in the process of planning, implementation and advocacy of human resources development policy, a Local Partnership for Employment of Travnik Municipality (LEZ Travnik) was established, consisting of: Travnik Municipality, Regional Development Agency for the Region of Central BiH (REZ Agency), Employment Service of Central Bosnia Canton, Youth Education Center – CEM, University “Vitez” in Travnik, NGO Center for Youth Education CEM Travnik, NOBIL Ltd. Nova Bila, GS-tmt Ltd. Travnik and Mixed Secondary Economic and Catering School in Travnik.

By strengthening Travnik LEP, a system for creating conditions for easier start-up businesses and business in general will be developped, also for creating incentives for unburdening the economy through the tax policy changes and simplifying of bureaucratic processes. The priority is to improve local capacities and support mechanisms for young people for self-employment.

Continuation of previous initiatives

The TRIK project (July 2017 – February 2019) was implemented by the Local Partnership for Employment of Travnik Municipality (LEP), and the project Lead Partner was the Regional Development Agency for the Region of Central BiH (REZ Agency). Through the activities of the “TRIK” project, the Local Partnership for Employment of the Municipality of Travnik was established in Travnik, also were established the business incubator/co-working space “BeeZone” with the Self-Employment Support Fund as a new proactive employment measure and entrepreneurial education program in the area of Travnik Municipality.