The programme is supported by:

  • German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ (through the Open Regional Fund for the modernization of municipal services in South East Europe)
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

The overall objective

Improvement and harmonization of business conditions in the region, strengthening the image of South Eastern Europe as an investment destination, fostering economic cooperation and attracting new investments.

Specific objectives

  • Certification of municipalities with favorable business environment
  • Ensuring a stable and predictable business environment that gives investors a guarantee that certified municipalities provide the same level of services to businesses

Certification of municipalities with favorable business environment according to NALED BFC:2012 which is the standard that promotes efficient and transparent local administration and enables evaluation of the quality of services and information that municipalities provide investors and businessmen.

The rating is done according to 12 criteria and over 80 sub-criteria that assume improving procedures, increasing transparency, reducing bureaucracy and obtaining all necessary documents and information to potential investors and entrepreneurs in business planning and making investment decisions.

REZ Agency is a member of the Network for a favorable business environment that is part of a regional initiative for a favorable business environment in the partner countries of Southeast Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia.