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Welcome to the REZ Agency!

REZ is Regional Development Agency operating in Central BiH Region within the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in May 2004. The platform for establishment of the Agency was partnership between governmental and non governmental institutions. The founders are 15 municipalities, 2 cantons, 15 business associations, 1 international organization and 1 micro credit organisation. Geographically, REZ covers 10.34% of BiH territory with approximately 600.000 inhabitants.

The office of REZ Agency is situated in Zenica, the geographical centre of the Region.

Ultimate goal of REZ Agency is transformation of Central BiH Region into a modern European Region, as the words of the vision are there to spell it out.

Along with its founders and partners, REZ Agency has become one of the most important stakeholders of the regional development based on the principles of the integration process of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its way towards full membership in the European Union.

Basic information

Central BiH Region – modern Europian region.

Improve the capacity of all stakeholders in an effort to improve the economic performance of Central BiH region through support in the use of funds for economic development and to support the development of small and medium enterprises in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the region and ensuring job creation.

The activities of REZ Agency could be specified in two main groups:

  • Identified needs of municipalities, where prevailing necessity for further capacity building for project development, funds absorption, promotion and business infrastructure development, and
  • Support to development of SMEs through provision of business consultancy services, establishment of business linkages, support to export and investments, as well as promotion.

The tailor made services, synergy, best practices and cooperation with institutions and experts in different fields are the main principles of work related to:

  • Strategic planning
  • Strengthening capacity of local stakeholders
  • Strengthen competitiveness of the region
  • Human resources and employment
  • Interregional cooperation

Heart of BiH – Central BiH Region is naturally, climatically, geographically and economically unified entity, consisting of 16 integrated and interconnected municipalities situated in two cantons of the Federation BiH (FBiH): Zenica-Doboj and Central Bosnia (considering the administrative aspect), while one municipality (Teslić) is situated in the Republic of Srpska.

The municipalities of the region are: Bugojno, Busovača, Doboj Jug, Donji Vakuf, Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, Kakanj, Maglaj, Novi Travnik, Teslić, Tešanj, Travnik, Uora, Vitez, Zavidovići, Zenica i Žepče.


REZ Agency Supervisory Board counts five members. Since 29 May 2015, the function of Chairman of the Supervisory Board holds Mr. Zihnija Aganović.

Members of the Supervisory Board

Zihnija Aganović, chairperson Travnik
Lordan Iličić, member Vitez
Džeraldina Miličević, member Zavidovići
Đenana Čolaković, member Zenica
Džavid Sejfović, member Zenica

The founders of REZ Agency are municipalities of Central BiH Region and their employers’ associations, cantons: Zenica-Doboj and Central Bosnia, microcredit organization “Leader”, and American international organization “CHF International”.

The Assembly of REZ Agency counts a total of 34 members.

Mayors, cantonal Prime Ministers, Chairmen of management committees of employers’ associations and Directors of the organizations are representatives of the founders of REZ Agency.

The current chairman of the Assembly of REZ Agency is Mr. Asim Mekić, Mayor of Busovača.

REZ RDA and its associated programs rely on financial resources provided by the funders and organisations such are The Royal Netherlands Embassy, CHF International, Sida, EC Delegation in BiH and USAID.

Their support is extremely appreciated.

… and it is being applied in all aspects of the work of the REZ Agency.

Basic information about the Agency in a PDF document “Profile of REZ Agency” download here.

Geographical influence of the REZ Agency activities

Regional (region of Central BiH) 50%
Microregional (several municipalities) 24%
Local (some particular municipality) 14%
Interregional 12%

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REZ Agency staff

Maja Kišić
Maja KišićActing Director
Programme Manager. Development of Entrepreneurship. Business Infrastructure Development. Development of labor market.
Marela Zdenac
Marela ZdenacProgramme Manager
Programme manager. Strategic planning. Human Resources Development. Development of agriculture. Development of energy.
Kenan Kesić
Kenan KesićProject Manager
Development of Entrepreneurship. Business Infrastructure Development.
Adnan Gazija
Adnan GazijaProject Manager
Development of Entrepreneurship. Business Infrastructure Development.
Antonela Prajninger
Antonela PrajningerProject Manager
Development of Entrepreneurship. Rural Development. Employment.
Mirko Čičak
Mirko ČičakProject Clerk
Projects. Tourism. Databases. Web.
Envera Sajević
Envera SajevićFinance Manager
REZ Agency financial affairs.
Mediha Zukić
Mediha ZukićAdministrative Clerk
Administration and office management.
Lejla Ahmić
Lejla AhmićEconomist
Assistant Finance manager.

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